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Rates & Dates

SHP Enrollment


Cornell University requires that all students have health insurance to ensure that lack of access to healthcare is not a barrier to the success of any student. 

With few exceptions, all students are automatically enrolled in SHP and have the responsibility of confirming enrollment or, if eligible, completing a waiver. Failure to secure an approved waiver each semester will result in enrollment in SHP for that semester. 

2023-2024 Academic Year Deadlines for Enrollment and Waivers

If you are returning from leave, special deadlines may apply.

See our enrollment page for information on completing a late enrollment due to qualifying life event.


Dependent enrollment occurs annually between July 1st - August 31st. New Spring entrants may enroll dependents between January 1st - January 31st.

See the Dependent Enrollment section for instructions on enrolling dependents and payment plan options. Coverage dates for dependents are the same as for students unless the dependent is enrolled mid-year due to a qualifying life event.

SHP Premium Billing


SHP premiums are billed on a semester basis. Generally, the premium for the fall semester is billed in July and again in January. New spring entrants will be billed and charged in January for coverage beginning January 1 through June 30.


Dependents are not billed to the University bursar. Dependent coverage is paid via credit or debit card. For more information see dependent enrollment.

Waiving SHP

All eligible students seeking to maintain their own insurance during the academic year must do so by the appropriate waiver deadline.

Waivers submitted at the beginning of the academic year will be reverified each semester to validate active coverage. Approved students will receive a waiver for the fall and then a second waiver for the spring if the reverification is successful. 

Failure to attain an approved waiver for each semester will result in enrollment in SHP for that semester.

Financial Aid and & Health-Related Costs

SHP enrollees may request a loan for the SHP premium. Please consult the Financial Aid Information for Newly Admitted Students for more information.

Students should review Summary of Benefits or Certificate of Coverage to budget annual cost-share expenses. *For an accommodation for this PDF, please contact