About Student Health Benefits

Cornell University's office of Student Health Benefits is responsible for ensuring that all Cornell students meet the university's health insurance requirements.

We also manage and provide support for students (and their dependents) enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP)Student Health Plan Plus (SHP+)Dental Plan, and Vision Plan, and administer the Ithaca-campus Student Health Fee.

Our staff works closely with students and campus colleagues on Cornell’s Student Health Benefits Advisory Committee (SHBAC) to make sure the university's plans and health fee benefits meet the needs of our diverse student body.

Student Health Benefits is committed to providing respectful, responsive attention to all individuals who rely on our services. We recognize and celebrate the diversity of the many cultures, experiences, practices, and values represented among our students, clients, community members, and partners.

The Student Health Benefits team are members of – and are supported by – the Finance & Health Benefits staff at Cornell Health

Our staff members can help you ...

  • understand Cornell's health insurance requirements, and determine whether your private insurance meets the requirements
  • decide what health insurance plan best meets your needs, and whether additional dental and/or vision coverage would be beneficial
  • submit a Student Health Plan (SHP) waiver application
  • enroll in the Student Health Plan Plus (SHP+)
  • enroll dependents (spouse, domestic partner, children) in a Cornell plan
  • understand your Cornell health, dental, and/or vision plan benefits, and get the most ourtof your plan(s) in Ithaca, or anywhere else in the United States or abroad
  • use your private (non-Cornell) health insurance at Cornell Health
  • get the most out of your Student Health Fee benefits at Cornell Health
  • clarify the often-confusing language of insurance (e.g., what's a co-pay? in-network provider?)

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