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Automatic and Open Enrollment

With few exceptions (see below) Cornell University requires that all degree-seeking and/or full-time students have health insurance that meets Cornell’s minimum requirements to ensure that lack of access to healthcare is not a barrier to the success of any student. To find out if you will be automatically enrolled and billed for SHP coverage (unless you receive an approved waiver), click on your student type below.

Even if automatically enrolled, all students enrolled in SHP must annually confirm their enrollment in the plan. Confirmation of enrollment also opts you in for electronic communications regarding your coverage.

For Open Enrollment, Waiver Deadlines, and Cost of Coverage, refer to our Rates and Dates page.

For information on enrolling dependents, such as spouses, domestic partners, and children, see our Dependent Enrollment Page.

New Students

New students should monitor their waiver and enrollment status by logging into the New Student To Do List with their netID or by logging into Gallagher Student Health.

Early Start Students

New students beginning in the summer (May or June) that will continue in their program for the fall will be automatically enrolled in SHP as of the first of the month of their program start and continuing into the following academic year, unless they submit a waiver request through Gallagher Student Health. Refer to the Rates and Dates for coverage dates and premium cost.

Fall or Spring Semester Start Students

Automatic SHP enrollment takes place in July for the upcoming academic year, and each December for students newly starting in the spring semester. Students who enroll after the start of the semester will be automatically enrolled in SHP when their registrar data updates to reflect their academic status. Refer to the Rates and Dates for coverage dates and premium cost.

Each academic year, students must either confirm enrollment on SHP or receive an approved waiver through Gallagher Student Health.

Continuing Students

If you are enrolled through the School of Continuing education and have 12 or more academic credits in the fall or spring semester, you will be automatically enrolled in SHP and billed for coverage for the semester unless you waive coverage and are eligible to do so.

You may request to waive coverage each academic year during the waiver period.

If you had a valid waiver through the end of the preceding year, or terminated coverage by providing proof of alternate coverage meeting university requirements, we will attempt to reverify your coverage is still active twice per year in July and January. If we successfully reverify your coverage, your waiver will remain approved until the next reverification date. If your insurance coverage cannot be verified as active, it is your responsibility to update your waiver by the deadline. Students that do not receive an approved waiver by the deadline will be automatically enrolled in SHP and billed for coverage. 

If you are enrolled through the School of Continuing education and have fewer than 12 academic credits in the fall or spring semester, you will not be eligible for SHP during the semester.

For information summer enrollment of SCE students, see Summer Students, below.

International Students

International students must annually confirm enrollment in SHP. International students are generally not eligible to waive enrollment in SHP. See waiver eligibility for more information.

Students In Absentia

Students whose registration status is In Absentia are generally still subject to the same insurance and waiver requirements that would apply if they were still in their on campus program and will still be automatically enrolled in SHP unless they waive coverage. For information on waiving while In Absentia, including for PhD students, please see our waiver eligibility page.

Students who remain enrolled in SHP while In Absentia will have access to care at providers throughout the US and internationally.

Please note that In Absentia status is distinct from university-approved leave of absence. For information on leave of absence status, please see our LOA and Graduation page.

Non-Degree Students

Continuing Education students with 12 or more credits during the fall or spring semester (or 6 credits during the summer term) will be automatically enrolled in SHP.

Non-degree students in a full-time program will automatically be enrolled in SHP. Domestic students have the option to waive SHP if they have insurance that meets the university requirements.

Part-Time Students

Students enrolled in degree-seeking programs who change to part-time status are still subject to university health insurance requirements. These students will be automatically enrolled in SHP unless they receive an approved waiver.

Part-time students who are not in a degree-seeking program should refer to the section for non-degree students above.

Summer Students

Fully Remote Summer Students

Students enrolled in fully remote studies for the summer will not be enrolled in SHP.

Degree Seeking Students

Degree-seeking students must enroll in SHP or waive for the summer if taking at least one in-person academic credit.

Continuing Education Students (On Campus)

Students with 6 or more credits, with at least one on-campus credit, in the summer through the School of Continuing Education will be automatically enrolled in SHP. Continuing education students with fewer than 6 academic credits in the summer term are not eligible for SHP.

Students Returning from Leave

Students returning from a leave of absence will be automatically enrolled in SHP if they are enrolled in summer term credits.