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Student Health Benefits Advisory Committee

Cornell’s Student Health Benefits Advisory Committee (SHBAC) is comprised of undergraduate and graduate student representatives, university administrators, and staff members from Cornell Health.

The SHBAC is charged with reviewing and advising on the Student Health Plan, Student Health Plan Plus, and Student Health Fee, and facilitating communication between the university and students served by a health plan or the health fee.

Formed in 2016, the SHBAC is a combination of two former committees: the Student Health Plan Advisory Committee (formed in 1994) and the Student Health Fee Advisory Committee (formed in 2015).

Committee members are responsible for:

  • making recommendations on the criteria for Cornell's policy requiring all students to have adequate health insurance
  • annually reviewing and evaluating the Student Health Plan options, coverage, and costs
  • annually reviewing the Student Health Fee benefits and costs
  • obtaining community input from – and disseminating information to – the Student Assembly, Graduate & Professional Student Assembly, University Assembly, Cornell Health, and other university offices and community health providers
  • addressing operational issues (e.g., policy notification and billing dates, waiver options and deadlines, etc.)

See committee charter (pdf) *For an accommodation for this PDF, please contact

If you would like to contact a member of the SHBAC, or are interested in volunteering to serve on the committee, please contact