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How Do I Waive?

Important: Students who wish to waive coverage in SHP and are eligible to do so, must complete this process every academic year they attend. Your waiver from one academic year will not carry over to the next academic year, even if you started in the spring. (Exception: If you are enrolled in SHP Plus, you do not need to complete a waiver request unless you lose eligibility for/leave the plan.)

All students enrolled in a full-time residential Cornell program are required to confirm enrollment in SHP or submit a waiver at Gallagher Student Health. Students that do not take action to confirm enrollment or receive an approved waiver will be auto-enrolled in SHP.

See our Rates and Dates page for waiver deadlines. Once the waiver period has ended, student who are waiver eligible can submit a request to terminate coverage. Terminations are processed at the end of the month in which they are submitted. Students will be responsible for the prorated SHP premium from the start of the plan year through the termination date. In addition, there is a $110.00 cancellation fee. No refunds will be provided for termination requests made after April 30th.

Before submitting a waiver application, please confirm:

  1. You are eligible to waive
  2. Your existing health insurance coverage is active
  3. Your plan meets Cornell’s requirements

To complete your waiver request, log in to Gallagher Student Health and follow the prompts provided.

Submission of a waiver does not guarantee approval. Once your waiver is submitted, you must log in to Gallagher Student Health to monitor your waiver status.

Communications regarding your waiver are sent by Gallagher Student Health via Constant Contact. Check your spam or junk folder for communications if you have not received any from Gallagher after submitting your waiver. Only approved waivers will result in a bursar credit for SHP. If your waiver or appeal application is still being processed or is listed as "pending," you are technically still enrolled in SHP. Be sure to review the most recent information you've received about your waiver status and take any action requested.

Waiver Status Descriptions and Required Actions
Waiver Status Description Action Needed
Submitted You have submitted a waiver. The waiver will be run through an electronic adjudication system to determine if the coverage meets the University's requirements. Monitor your email for responses from Gallagher Student Health.
Pending Information Your waiver could not be evaluated by the electronic system and additional documentation is required to process your waiver. Monitor your email and log in to Gallagher Student Health to determine what information is needed. Upload the requested information.
Pending Review Your additional submitted information is being manually reviewed by Gallagher Student Health. Monitor your email and log in to Gallagher Student Health to determine if any additional information is needed.
Approved* Your waiver has been approved. If you were billed for SHP, a credit will be issued. Monitor your bursar bill for SHP billing and credit activity.
Denied The coverage did not meet the University's requirements. (See "Appealing your waiver denial" below if you believe your application was denied erroneously.)

*The University reserves the right to audit approved waivers, and the approval may be rescinded if upon review it is determined the coverage does not meet the University requirements or the student was not eligible to waive. 

If Your Waiver is Approved

Gallagher Student Health will email you if your waiver application is approved. If your waiver is approved and your bursar account has already been billed for the SHP premium, a credit will be issued to your bursar account. 

Important: Fall-approved waivers will be re-verified for active coverage in the spring. If your health insurance coverage has changed since you waived or your coverage cannot automatically be reverified by Gallagher Student Health, you must upload verification of active coverage or your new insurance information by January 31st. If you required a verification of coverage letter for your waiver to be approved in the fall, you will require a new verification of coverage letter dated between December 1st and January 31st.  Failure to upload requested documentation or new insurance information will result in enrollment in the Cornell University Student Health Plan with a January 1st effective date, and your bursar account will be billed.

NOTE: If you use any of your SHP benefits before your waiver application is approved, SHP will not be able to issue you a premium refund for the months your plan was in use. 

If Your Waiver is Denied

If your application is denied, you will be enrolled in SHP and will be responsible for paying the premium.

If you believe your plan meets Cornell's requirements and your waiver application was denied in error, check the following fields in your waiver submission for data entry errors:

  • Subscriber ID:  This is the member identification number on your insurance card
  • Subscriber date of birth:  This is the date of birth of the subscriber. (Primary policy holder if you are a dependent on the insurance policy)

If you still feel the waiver has been denied in error, please email Gallagher Student Health at to begin the appeal process.


Please contact Gallagher Student Health (24/7) at 844-691-4005.