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COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

Using SHP for COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

The federal government's COVID-19 State of Emergency is ended May 12th, 2023. Coverage for COVID-19 testing and treatment has changed:

  • COVID-19 lab tests: You will pay a copay, coinsurance, or deductible at in-network locations. Refer to your summary of benefits for details on cost-sharing.
  • Office visits related to COVID-19 will also follow normal plan cost-share.
  • COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters: You will pay $0 for the vaccine at in-network locations.
  • COVID-19 at-home test kits, also known as over-the-counter (OTC) test kits: You will pay the retail cost of the test kits. 
  • Anti-viral medications or treatments, like Paxlovid: Copays may apply

Need help?

  • For questions regarding pharmacy benefits, call Optum at 866-868-1677.
  • For questions about office visits and inpatient treatment, call Aetna at 800-859-8475.
  • For general questions, email us at