Dental & Vision Plans

Optional dental and vision insurance

Student Health Benefits offers optional dental and vision insurance plans to supplement students' health insurance coverage.

All students are eligible to enroll in the Dental Plan and Vision Plan, whether you are covered by Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) or a private health insurance plan. Plan enrollees may also choose to enroll dependents (spouses, domestic partners, and students).

NOTE: Student Health Plan Plus (SHP+) members have dental and vision coverage included as a benefit of their plan.

Both plans are offered through Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York, and tailored to fit the needs of Cornell students studying in Ithaca, New York City, or anywhere in the United States or abroad.

Dental Plan 

Cornell's student Dental Plan ...

  • provides preventive and basic coverage at a reasonable price anywhere in the United States
  • includes access to a nationwide Participating Provider Organization (PPO) of approximately 7,000 New York dental provider access points, with more than 80,000 access points nationwide
  • provides support finding dental care when traveling outside the United States
  • offers prescription discounts 

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Vision Plan

Cornell's student Vision Plan ...

  • offers savings on eye exams, glasses, contacts, and laser vision surgery 
  • includes access to a nationwide network of 94,000 in-network providers, including more than 21,000 independent locations and more than 6,000 retail locations (find providers at
  • offers online in-network options so you can order eyewear and contacts online
  • provides in-network and out-of-network coverage

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