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Refunds and Fees


Some SHP waiver or termination requests may require additional documentation from your insurance company (e.g.: a Verification of Coverage letter) to be approved. If this happens, Gallagher Student Health will place the waiver in a “pending” status and notify you via email indicating what additional documentation is required. Before any refund is processed, all required documents must be received by the waiver deadline or within 30 days of the submission of the request to terminate coverage.

Refunds will only be made when a valid waiver or termination request is approved, or when coverage is voided as the result of changes in eligibility as recorded by the Office of the University Registrar, as described below. No refund requests will be considered after a plan year has ended (June 30th).

Refunds will be processed to the original form of payment, usually the student bursar account. In the case of dependent coverage and extensions, refunds will be made via the credit card or ACH transfer used for payment.

Please contact our office if you have an approved waiver or termination request and you have not received your refund within 7 business days.

Waiver Refunds

  • Waiver refunds are made when coverage for an entire semester is waived prior to the waiver deadline. This refund will be equal to the premium amount already charged to the student through their bursar account.
  • If a waiver is approved prior to the premium charge, neither the charge nor the refund will appear on the bursar bill.

Termination of Coverage Refunds

  • Requests to terminate coverage are effective at the end of the month in which they are made. Refunds will be made for any remaining paid months of coverage following the termination effective date.
  • For example, if you were enrolled in fall coverage beginning July 1st and have paid the fall premium for coverage through December 31st, a termination request made on October 10th will be effective October 31st and result in a refund for November and December.
  • If you request termination of coverage in SHP because you have other coverage, and your request is approved, you will be charged a termination fee of $110. See fees, below.
  • No refunds will be provided for termination requests submitted after April 30th.

Refunds for Voided Coverage

  • In some cases, the Office of the University Registrar records changes in student status that affect eligibility for SHP for an entire semester after the premium for that semester has been charged to the bursar. In the event that coverage is voided for an entire semester, a full refund will be processed to your bursar account.


Termination of Coverage Fees

  • If you terminate your enrollment in SHP because you have alternate coverage meeting university requirements, you will be charged a termination fee of $110.
  • Terminations of coverage for dependents will also incur a $110 fee. Only one fee will be charged per instance of termination. For instance, if you terminate your coverage and have dependents on the plan, their coverage will be terminated effective the same date, but only one $110 fee will be charged.
  • No termination fee will be charged if you are ending coverage while on university approved leave of absence, during active US military service, or due to graduation.

Dependent Coverage Reinstatement Fee

  • If your spring dependent coverage payment is not received by January 31st, your dependent coverage will be terminated effective December 31st of the previous calendar year, and you will be responsible for payment of any services provided on or after 1/1/24.
  • Coverage may then be reinstated if payment is later made in full by 2/29/24, but an additional fee of $125 must be paid before reinstatement occurs.