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Leave of Absence, Graduation, and Withdrawal

Our office will begin accepting and processing extension requests June 1st for students graduating or going on leave during Spring 2024. The cost of the three-month extension, the request form, and the payment link will also be posted here at that time. Please email if you have any questions.

Important! In many cases, coverage in SHP does not automatically end when you go on leave. If you are already enrolled in SHP for the plan year, you must request a termination of coverage if you do not want to maintain coverage in SHP. If you do not request this termination, no refund can be provided. This applies to all students, including those in PhD programs who may lose funding for SHP during leave; you will be responsible for paying SHP premiums. Student Health Benefits cannot legally terminate your coverage unless you submit a termination request through Gallagher Student Health.

Extensions for Dental and Vision coverage are not offered for students graduating, going on leave, or withdrawing from the university. However, if already purchased, Dental and Vision coverage will continue through June 30th, unless cancelled, regardless of student status. There are no refunds for cancellation of Dental or Vision coverage.

Please note: "Leave of Absence" and "In Absentia" are different types of registration status. The information below applies only to leaves of absence. If you are studying "In Absentia", you are still required to be enrolled in health coverage meeting university requirements. Please see our waiver eligibility page or contact us for more information.

2022-2023 Options Based on Leave Date

2023-2024 Options Based on Leave Date

Extension options after graduation.

SHP enrollment and waivers when you return from leave of absence.

Coverage for students who withdraw from the University ends 30 days after the date of institutional knowledge.

Date of institutional knowledge is the latter of the change in status effective date on record in the registrar data or the date which the change in status effective date is updated in PeopleSoft by the University Registrar. If an effective date is backdated, the date of institutional knowledge is the date the change in status is updated in PeopleSoft by the University Registrar.