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Cornell Health

Cornell Health on the Ithaca campus is a primary care provider for students in Ithaca, and for adult dependents enrolled in SHP. For more information on the comprehensive list of services offered by Cornell Health, including primary care, counseling and psychiatry, pharmacy services, physical therapy, nutritional services, and sexual health care, visit their website. Cornell Health staff members can also help refer you to specialists in the area (although referrals are not necessary to use your SHP benefits).

Cornell Health does NOT offer pediatric services with the exception of pharmacy.

Adult dependents enrolled in SHP can access many Cornell Health services. Please see Cornell Health's Student Spouses & Partners webpage for details.

Many SHP members studying at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, NY choose to receive care at Cornell Health. See information about the free Geneva-Ithaca shuttle, and where to park if you choose to drive.

*SHP members studying in absentia are eligible for some Cornell Health services but may be charged higher copays. Please see Cornell Health’s website for complete information.