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Returning from Leave of Absence (LOA)

When you return from leave, you will be required to either enroll in SHP or waive coverage.

If you went on leave during a previous academic year and do not have an approved waiver, you must either complete a waiver request (if eligible) or enroll in SHP. Your waiver period will depend on the term in which you have credits active.

  • If you are returning at the start of the fall or spring semester, your waiver period will be the same as a returning student beginning during that term.
  • If you maintained your coverage through the end of the plan year, this assures continuation of coverage when you return.
  • If you elected to terminate your coverage while on leave of absence, you are still considered a returning student and will be enrolled in SHP as of July if you return for the fall semester and as of January if you return for the spring semester.
  • If you are returning mid-term, and have credits during that term, you must contact our office within 30 days of your return date to request a waiver.