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SHP Plus

SHP Plus Ended on June 30, 2023

Our Office of Student Health Benefits regrets that the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), the source of funding for SHP Plus for nearly a decade, has decided to discontinue their partnership with Cornell University and they will no longer offer Student Health Plan Plus (SHP Plus) coverage to Cornell students. 

Please see our Q&A for more details on why the program is ending and alternative options for health insurance coverage.

If you have questions, please contact our office directly at to schedule a time that works best for you.

Student Health Plan Plus Plan Documents

SHP Plus ended on 6/30/23. The following documents are provided for informational purposes only.

2022-2023 Plan documents

SHP Plus Summary of Benefits and Coverage (pdf) – 6-page chart explaining your SHP Plus benefits
SHP Plus Certificate of Coverage (pdf) - 130 page document with complete details about SHP Plus
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*Opt in to receive plan information by email rather than by mail (to be done annually).

Prescription coverage

OptumRx administers SHP Plus pharmacy benefits. There is no charge for generic and brand prescription medications when using a participating pharmacy (including the Cornell Health Pharmacy).

Refer to the information under "ID cards" above to create your OptumRx account, and get your ID card. Log in to your account through or the OptumRx app to learn more about your prescription coverage, drug pricing, and to find participating pharmacies.

OptumRX Formulary
OptumRX Premium Formulary Exclusions
OptumRX Preventive Care Medications
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