Annual SHP enrollment / waiver process

Automatic SHP enrollment: Each year, full-time academic-year students are enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) as part of university policy requiring all students to have quality health insurance.

Waiving SHP: Eligible students who have alternate health insurance that meets Cornell's requirements may apply to waive their SHP enrollment. Students who retain their own insurance must submit a waiver application annually.

Waiver applications are NOT accepted from ...

Before submitting a waiver application ...

  1. Confirm that your health insurance meets Cornell's requirements 
  2. Make sure your plan compares well with the Student Health Plan (SHP) and provides the coverage you want and need:
  3. Ithaca students: Understand that if your waiver is approved, you will pay a Student Health Fee (gives you the same pre-paid access to care at Cornell Health as SHP members have, with a $10 copay for appointments)

Submit a waiver application

Early start students 

Waive your summer SHP enrollment now:

  >> Cornell University students

  >> Cornell Tech students 

Learn more about requirements for early start students. The waiver application deadline is April 30 for students starting on May 1; May 31 for students starting on June 1; and June 30 for students starting on July 1.  

Fall 2018 students

Waive your 2018-2019 SHP enrollment beginning in June:

The waiver application opens on June 4 for current students, and June 20 for new students. The application deadline is July 31 at 11:59 pm.

  • First-time applicants: You will be asked to provide information to demonstrate that your plan meets Cornell's requirements.
  • Returning applicants: If your plan information hasn't changed, confirm that your plan is the same.

You will be informed whether your waiver application is approved. If your application is not approved, you must stay enrolled in SHP, and will be responsible for paying the premium.

Cornell's waiver application process is maintained through Gallagher Student Health. If you have questions about the waiver process or application, you may contact them 24/7 at (844-691-4005). You may also contact us at 607-255-6363 or during office hours.

Premium refund if you waive after you're billed

Fall students are billed for the SHP premium in mid-July (early start students are billed in the spring), and students starting in January are billed in mid-December. If you waive SHP after you are billed, the premium will be refunded to your Bursar account.

Late waiver submissions 

If you want to waive after the deadline, please contact the Student Health Benefits office at to request a late waiver application. A $100 late fee will be charged for waiver applications received after the deadline. Waiver applications will not be accepted after September 31 (January 31 for students starting in January). 

NOTE: If you use any of your SHP benefits before your waiver application is approved, you must remain enrolled in SHP and you will be responsible for paying the SHP premium.

Cancellations & premium refunds

There are only a few situations in which SHP can be canceled and the premium refunded. If claims from any provider have been submitted and paid for any period, no refund can be provided under any circumstances. Refer to our Cancellation / Early Termination page for details.