Students Studying In Absentia


Cornell's health insurance requirements also apply to students studying in absentia. Students must be approved for in absentia status. The following information explains what these requirements mean to you. 

About SHP

SHP is a platinum-level plan designed with input from Cornell students to support your health care needs anywhere in the world. Learn more about SHP's benefits, how to find participating providers in your area, and how to use SHP abroad.

Waiving SHP

If you have private insurance that meets Cornell’s requirements for alternate health insurance – or will be outside the United States, studying in your home country – you can opt out of your SHP coverage in one of two ways:

  • In absentia students studying in the U.S. may submit an application to waive SHP with an alternate U.S.-based insurance plan that meets Cornell's requirements (not available to international students in the U.S., who must stay enrolled in SHP). 
    • For academic-year students, the waiver application deadline is July 31.  Fall submitted waiver information will be re-run in January to check for active coverage.
    • For spring entrants, the application deadline is December 31.
  • International students studying in their home country may submit a petition to waive their SHP coverage. You can request a petition form by emailing  
  • Note: Waiver applications are not accepted from fully funded graduate students who have SHP provided as a benefit of their program.

Additional Optional coverage 

  • Dental & vision coverage: Students may also choose to enroll in Cornell's Dental Plan and / or Vision Plan, whether or not they enroll in SHP. (SHP+ provides dental and vision coverage as part of the plan.)
  • Enrolling dependents: Students with partners or families can enroll dependents in SHP, or in Cornell's Dental Plan and / or Vision Plan (students must be enrolled in the respective plan before enrolling spouses, domestic partners, or children.