Summer Health Fee

For non-SHP/SHP+ members in Ithaca

In order to ensure that summer students have access to campus health services – regardless of what health insurance they have – the university assesses a Student Health Fee for students enrolled on the Ithaca campus during the summer months (for Summer SessionSummer College, etc.). 

The summer 2019 health fee is $106, charged to students' Bursar accounts before the start of their program.


The following individuals are exempt from paying the health fee: 

  • Students whose student health plan (SHP or SHP+) or Student Health Fee coverage from the previous academic year includes the dates of their summer program (academic-year SHP, SHP+, and health fee coverage ends July 31, unless your plan indicates otherwise)
  • International students, who are required to be enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP)
  • Students who enroll in SHP for the summer 
  • Students who are exclusively taking online courses
  • Summer camp participants
  • Cornell employees taking courses during the summer

What you get with the health fee

When visiting Cornell Health, students who pay the Student Health Fee have ...

  • A $10 COPAY for most medical and mental health visits (some visits have no charge) 
  • No additional charges for x-rays, procedures, and lab tests performed at Cornell Health

Please see Cornell Health's Cost for Service page for complete details.

The health fee also helps support campus-wide health initiatives. Learn more at Ithaca Health Fee.