Academic-Year Health Fee

2021-2022 Student Health Fee

Please visit Cornell Health's website for new information about the Student Health Fee for the 2021-2022 academic year.

2020-2021 Student Health Fee

Cornell's Student Health Fee gives Ithaca students with private (non-Cornell) insurance plans pre-paid access to campus health services, and helps support campus-wide health initiatives. See Ithaca Health Fee for more background information.

2020-2021 health fee rates:

  • $228 / semester for Ithaca students who waive SHP – automatically charged to students' Bursar accounts before the start of each semester
  • $161 / semester for Ithaca students distance-learning in New York State – optional benefit for students who want to access Cornell Health's telehealth services for no additional copay/charge (learn more below)

Coverage dates 

Your health fee benefits apply at Cornell Health during the following date ranges: 

  • Academic year: August 1 – July 31
  • Fall semester only: August 1 – January 15
  • Spring semester only: January 16 – July 31

What you get with the health fee

When visiting Cornell Health, students who pay the Student Health Fee have ...

  • A $10 COPAY for most medical and mental health visits (some visits have no charge)  
  • No additional charges for x-rays, procedures, and lab tests performed at Cornell Health

Please see Cornell Health's Cost for Service page for complete details.

Who pays the health fee

Full-time academic-year students in Ithaca who are not enrolled in a Cornell student health plan (SHP or SHP+) are automatically charged the Student Health Fee at the beginning of each semester.


  • Students participating in off-campus programs
  • Part-time and non-degree students 

Not sure if the health fee applies to you?

Please contact us to speak with a Student Health Benefits staff member.

*Health fee opt-in for distance-learning students in NY State*

Students who are enrolled on Cornell's Ithaca campus, but who are registered as distance-learning outside of Ithaca, do not automatically pay the Student Health Fee if they aren't enrolled in SHP/SHP+.

However, students registered in NY State are eligible to opt in to the Student Health Fee ($161/semester for students outside Ithaca) to access telehealth services at Cornell Health for no additional copay/charge.

(Students registered in NY State who are not covered by the health fee, or by SHP or SHP+, may still access Cornell Health's telehealth services, but the cost will depend on your insurance. Learn more on Cornell Health's Insurance & Billing page, and check your insurance plan information for coverage details.)

Opting in to the Student Health Fee may be a good option for students who are regularly using Cornell Health's telehealth services while away from campus, and do not want to, or can't, use their private insurance to cover their cost for care.

Students can opt in at any time during 2020-2021 academic year. Prior Cornell Health charges accrued since the start of the semester can be retroactively covered by the health fee. 

Please contact us to learn more, or to request to opt in.

Health fee refunds

Students whose status changes after paying the health fee may receive a refund if they ...

  • are away from the Ithaca campus for a full semester (100% refund per semester away from campus)
  • enroll in a Cornell student health plan (SHP or SHP+) effective from the beginning of the fall semester (100% refund) or from the beginning of the spring semester (50% refund)
  • take a leave of absence or withdraw from Cornell (refunds are prorated based on the university’s tuition adjustment schedule for withdrawals and leaves of absence)