Using SHP at Cornell Health

Cornell Health on the Ithaca campus is the primary care provider for students in Ithaca, and for adult dependents enrolled in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP)

Many SHP members studying at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, NY choose to receive care at Cornell Health. See information about the free Geneva-Ithaca shuttle, and where to park if you choose to drive.

Cost for care for SHP members

Except in an emergency, students in Ithaca should begin at Cornell Health to receive the maximum benefit for services covered by your plan. SHP members can access services at Cornell Health for:

  • A $10 COPAY for most medical and mental health* visits (some visits have no charge) 
  • No additional charges for x-rays, procedures, and lab tests performed at Cornell Health

     *Mental health services are available for students only.

Visit Cornell Health's Cost for Service webpage and Insurance & Billing webpage for details. 

Exception: SHP members studying in absentia are eligible for some Cornell Health services, but have copays at the participating provider level.     

Services for students 

Registered Cornell students who are studying in or visiting Ithaca have access to the full range of Cornell Health's services, including medical care, counseling and psychiatry, pharmacy services, physical therapy, nutritional services, sexual health care, and more. 

Cornell Health staff members can also help refer you to specialists in the area (although referrals are not necessary to use your SHP benefits). 

Services for adult dependents

Adult dependents enrolled in SHP can access all Cornell Health services, with the exception of counseling and psychiatry services. See Cornell Health's Student Spouses & Partners webpage for more information.

Child dependents 

Cornell Health does not provide services for children, with the exception of pharmacy and travel clinic services. Parents can use Aetna's DocFind to select a pediatrician in the Ithaca area. Two popular pediatric offices are Buttermilk Falls Pediatrics (two locations) and Northeast Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine – both of which are in-network with SHP. 

Please visit Cornell Health's Students with Children webpage for more resources and information.