Find SHP Participating Providers

Anywhere in the United States

Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) is administered by Aetna Student Health, and includes coverage in the national network with any Aetna participating provider.

SHP members will get the best coverage by seeing an Aetna "participating provider" (i.e., "in-network provider") for medical or mental health care, anywhere in the United States. See typical copays below. 

  • Referrals are not required to see specialty care providers. 
  • Non-participating providers are also covered, usually with a $400 plan year deductible and then a 30% co-insurance.
  • See additional information below for Ithaca, Cornell Tech, and Geneva plan members. 

To find participating providers / facilities ...

  • Visit Aetna's DocFind
  • Enter the the zip code for where you want to receive care
  • When prompted, select “Student Health Medical Plans / Open Choice PPO” as the plan type

When you call to schedule an appointment, we suggest asking to make sure the provider / facility is in-network with Aetna Student Health (DocFind is occasionally out of date).

If you need a copy of your insurance card, you can download and print your I.D. card here.

Typical visit copays with participating providers:

  • $25 for routine medical visits (tests and procedures will cost more)
  • $50 for urgent care visits (tests and procedures will cost more)
  • $10 for mental health visits
  • Plan members in Ithaca: Refer to Using SHP at Cornell Health 

Copays for emergency care (any provider):

  • $100 copay for emergency room visits (no copay for ambulance transports)

Coverage for other services: 

Refer to your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (see "Current Plan Documents") for coverage details for other services, procedures, and tests. 

Or, log in to the Aetna Member website for cost estimates for common procedures, diagnostic tests, and office visits. Find instructions here.

Additional information

The information above applies to all plan members. Please see additional information for ... 

> Ithaca plan members

For Cornell students in Ithaca – and any adult dependents enrolled in SHP – Cornell Health is your primary care provider. Except in an emergency, begin at Cornell Health to receive the maximum benefit for services covered by your plan. SHP members have a $10 visit copay for nearly all Cornell Health services (some visits have no charge). Learn more at Using SHP at Cornell Health

Please note that Cornell Health does not provide services for child dependents. See tips for finding in-network pediatricians in Ithaca on the bottom of the Using SHP at Cornell Health page.

To find other participating providers in the Ithaca area: Use Aetna's DocFind search (see instructions above). Cornell Health staff members can also help refer you to other providers in the community (although referrals are not necessary to use your SHP benefits). Call 607-254-7409 during business hours and ask to speak with a member of Cornell Health's referrals nursing team.

> Cornell Tech plan members

There are two primary care physicians on Roosevelt Island who are Aetna participating providers. Use the DocFind search above, enter zip code 10044 into the search, then select "Student Health Medical Plans / Open Choice PPO" as the plan type. To expand your search, you can enter nearby zip codes in Manhattan: 10022, 10021, and 10017. 

There is also a Walgreens / Duane Reade pharmacy on Roosevelt Island, which accepts Aetna insurance.

Other resources – including a list of in-network mental health providers – are available on Cornell Tech's Student Services website.

> Cornell AgriTech (Geneva, NY) plan members

To find medical and mental health providers in the Geneva area (or elsewhere), please refer to the DocFind instructions above. 

Students on SHP can access nearly all services at Cornell Health for a $10 visit copay, including in-house lab tests and x-rays at no additional charge.