2021-2022 SHP Changes FAQ

Are there any changes to the benefits and coverage for the 2021–2022 plan?

No, SHP will continue to offer the same platinum-level medical and mental health insurance coverage for plan members as in previous years.

What are the date changes for the 2021–2022 SHP plan?

For 2021–2022 only, SHP is adjusting its plan term to 11 months — August 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022

SHP will return to a 12-month plan beginning July 1, 2022. 

Is the health fee new for SHP members?

No, it will now be a separate item instead of an embedded part of the SHP premium. The 2021–2022 health fee is $210/semester.

All Ithaca campus students contribute to support Cornell Health’s subsidized health services. Previously, non-SHP members contributed through Cornell’s annual student health fee, and SHP members paid the equivalent of the student health fee through their SHP premium. Now, SHP members in Ithaca will pay the same health fee as students who waive SHP, and the SHP premium is being reduced. Learn more about the student health fee

Is there any impact on funded graduate students?

Funded graduate students will continue to be funded for health care. The total cost of health care (insurance + Ithaca-campus health fee) will continue to be included in the cost of attendance and will be covered.

Is there any impact on student spouses / partners?

Student spouses and partners in Ithaca will continue to be eligible for medical services at Cornell Health. However, because they will not pay the student health fee (see previous question) they are not eligible for subsidized care. Cornell Health will bill their insurance plan for services, and they will be responsible for associated out-of-pocket costs as specified by their plan.