Using SHP+ Abroad

Cornell's Travel Registry

Register your Cornell-affiliated travel with Cornell's Travel Registry to qualify for Cornell's international travel insurance, and stay connected to emergency communications.

University-sponsored insurance for international travel

All registered travelers on Cornell-related international travel are fully covered – at no cost to the traveler – under Cornell’s accident, sickness, and emergency care insurance plan.

This insurance acts as primary coverage (will be used first and supersedes all other medical insurance) for urgent and emergent medical expenses and emergency mental health expenses, among other expenses, and works in tandem with Cornell’s 24/7 travel assistance.

Please visit the Global Cornell website for details. 

Personal/recreational travel:

Students traveling outside of the United States should secure their own travel assistance plan to use for urgent and emergent medical and mental health needs; to find a doctor or health care facility; or for assistance with medical evacuations or guarantees of payment. Some travel assistance plans may offer primary coverage. Gallagher Student Health provides some options for travel assistance plans.

Supplementary SHP+ coverage abroad

For expenses covered by SHP+, benefits are available to you at the participating provider care level, which means that medical and mental health is 100% covered (see your Summary of Benefits and Coverage for details). Prior authorizations are not needed to receive health care outside of the U.S.

  • In most cases, you will have to pay for care in full at the time the service is provided, and then submit a claim for reimbursement:
  • Be sure to receive an itemized bill and a receipt, including the date of service, diagnosis, and the dollar amount for the visit
  • You may then submit a claim for reimbursement to Aetna Student Health
  • Aetna will reimburse you for charges for covered benefits according to the participating provider care benefit level, minus any applicable co-payments and will mail you a check directly.

To contact the Aetna Student Health Claims Administrators, Inc. when you are outside of the United States, please call 617-218-8400 (collect calls are accepted).