Get a Cost Estimate

SHP & SHP+ members

To get an estimate for a procedure or diagnostic test, or an office visit outside of Cornell Health:

  1. Log in to the Aetna Member website (first-time users must register).
  2. Under "See Coverage & Costs," click "Estimate Costs."
  3. Click "Estimate Cost of Care."
  4. Select one of the following categories: Office Visits; Diseases & Conditions; Surgical & Scope Procedures; and Diagnostic Tests & Vaccines.
  5. Be sure to update the zip code as the cost differs by area. 

If you use an In-Network Provider: 

  • SHP members typically will have an out-of-pocket cost of 10% of the listed In-Network cost.
  • SHP+ members typically will have no cost.


Please contact our Student Health Benefits team at 607-255-6363 or, or visit the Student Health Benefits desk on Level 4, Cornell Health.