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Referrals are not required by the Student Health Plan (SHP). However, you can get the most out of your plan by using Gannett Health Services whenever possible or – if you need to see other providers – using a Participating Provider in the Ithaca community (or elsewhere).

Gannett offers a wide range of quality integrated services and is the primary care provider for SHP members. You will have the lowest out-of-pocket cost if you receive your health care at Gannett (most services have only a $10 student visit copay).

If you need to see other providers:

  • The primary care providers at Gannett can assist you in locating and making referrals to Participating Providers in our community. Many specialists require a referral before seeing you, making a visit to Gannett an important first step in getting the care you need. 
  • Gannett’s referral staff members provide referral assistance for students as well as dependent spouses or domestic partners. Call 607 254-7409.
  • No referral is required by SHP for care outside Gannett. We do, however, encourage you to discuss your needs with a Gannett health care provider. Call 607 255-5155 (24/7) during business hours.

If you just joined SHP and have been receiving health care elsewhere, please contact Gannett and establish a relationship with a health care provider so that you may begin receiving quality care on campus or a referral to a local specialist.

To receive care from a health care provider when you are away from Ithaca:  

When you are away from Ithaca, you do not need a referral to seek a participating provider from Aetna's Open Choice PPO network or to seek a non-participating provider. Learn more at Care Outside of Ithaca.

You can locate a provider using Aetna Student Health’s DocFind Service. Be sure to include the zip code of the area where services will be received, and select Aetna Standard Open Choice PPO as the health plan type. Learn more.

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