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Maternity Program

The “Beginning Right Maternity Program” provides support for Student Health Plan (SHP) members who are pregnant. Once enrolled, a woman can take a pregnancy risk survey and get connected with personalized services in the area.  

Program features

  • Learning more about what’s best for a healthy pregnancy
  • Reducing the risk of preterm labor
  • Support for smoking cessation
  • Getting extra help from nurses if your pregnancy is high-risk
  • Leaning how to cope with postpartum depression or other challenges after the birth of your child  

Information and enrollment  

Visit Aetna Women's Health online.
Call Aetna: 800 272-3531.
Make sure you have your SHP ID card information on hand.

Contact Information

Student Health Benefits
312 College Avenue, Suite A
Ithaca, NY 14850 [map]