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Using SHP

Learn about your SHP coverage:

Accessing care at Cornell's Ithaca campus

For students and spouses/domestic partners enrolled in SHP and residing in the Ithaca area, Gannett Health Services is your primary care provider. Except in an emergency – or for ob/gyn services – whenever you need health care, begin at Gannett to receive the maximum benefit for medical and mental health services.

With SHP, you can access nearly all services at Gannett for a nominal visit copay (generally $10), including:

  • medical, nutrition, and physical therapy visits
  • counseling and psychiatry visits (spouses & domestic partners are eligible for couples counseling and "Let's Talk" services only)
  • in-house lab tests, x-rays, and procedures
  • flu shots and recommended immunizations
  • sexually transmitted infection screenings

For details, please refer to Paying for Health Care at Gannett.

Gannett services: The Gannett website provides a wealth of information about student health topics, and outlines how to access the vast range of services at Gannett. Please bookmark the Gannett website and to use it as a resource throughout your time at Cornell.

Accessing care off campus

When the care you need cannot be provided on campus by Gannett Health Services, SHP provides many options for you. Learn how to:

Learn more

Use the links in the left-hand menu bar to learn more about how you can use your SHP benefits.

If you have any questions about how to access services, what SHP covers or does not cover, what you must do to get maximum coverage, or any other aspect of this plan, please contact Aetna Student Health or Cornell's Office of Student Health Benefits. We are here to help. 

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