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Student Health Plan (SHP) Rates

2017-2018 SHP Rates

2017-2018 Plan Term (12 months*): August 1, 2017  – July 31, 2018

*Note: the premium increase reflects a change from an 11.5-month plan year in 2016-2017 to a 12-month plan year in 2017-2018.

  • Student: $2,712
  • Spouse / Domestic Partner: $2,712
  • One Child: $2,712
  • Two or More Children: $5,424

Spring Semester Only**: January 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018

**Available only to new and spring transfer students

  • Student: $1,582
  • Spouse / Domestic Partner: $1,582
  • One Child: $1,582
  • Two or More Children: $3,164

Financial Aid & Health-Related Costs

If you apply for and receive financial aid from Cornell, your award will be based upon the estimated cost of attendance, which includes $179 per semester toward "health-related costs." This covers the student health fee, or – if you enroll in SHP – goes toward the SHP premium. Those who enroll in SHP may request a loan for the difference between the SHP premium and the amount included in your cost of attendance. Please consult the Financial Aid Information for Newly Admitted Students for more information. Note: students enrolled in SHP-M will NOT receive the $175/semester contribution toward health-related costs, since SHP-M costs are covered.

Graduate Students: Monthly Installment Payment Plan Option

Graduate students enrolled in SHP may prefer to spread out their annual insurance premium over an 8-month period. This “Monthly Installment Payment Plan” option can be requested, for a small monthly fee, at the beginning of each plan year. The deadline for enrollment is October 31 (or February 28, for new and spring transfer students only).

Please contact the Office of Student Health Benefits:

  • for assistance in enrolling in the installment option
  • to receive monthly premium information
  • if you have questions or concerns

Call 607 255-6363 or email

Contact Information

Student Health Benefits
Cornell Health
110 Ho Plaza, Level 6
Ithaca, NY 14853