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Student Plans

Health Plans

Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) is a platinum-level plan designed specifically for Cornell students and their dependents. Each year, all academic-year students are automatically enrolled in SHP. Eligible students may apply to waive their enrollment. 

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Undergraduate and professional students who are enrolled in a New York State Medicaid plan may also be eligible for Cornell's Student Health PlanMedicaid (SHP-M), offered in lieu of Medicaid.

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Optional Vision Plan

Any Cornell student may enroll in Cornell's Vision Plan, regardless of what health insurance you carry. The plan allows you to receive vision services from a network of providers in Ithaca, and outside the Ithaca area.

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Optional Dental Plan

Every Cornell University student is eligible to enroll in Cornell's Dental Plan, whether you are covered by SHP or another health insurance plan. The plan has been tailored to fit the needs of Cornell students, providing preventive and basic coverage at a reasonable price.

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Student Health Benefits
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