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Early Start / Pre-Orientation Students

The following requirements are for students who are involved with an early-start program that brings you to campus before New Student Orientation (e.g. Pre-Freshman Summer Program, Outdoor Odyssey, PREPARE, Pre-Orientation Service Trips [POST], and students starting early at the Graduate School, Law School, or Johnson School).

  • You must have insurance coverage for the period of time that you are participating in your program prior to August 1 (the first day of the Student Health Plan (SHP) 2017-2018 plan term).
  • Your coverage (prior to August 1) must be in compliance with the university’s insurance requirements
  • If you do NOT have health insurance for this period that meets the university’s requirements, please contact us. Our staff is ready to help you review your coverage options, including either enrolling in SHP for the remainder of 2016-2017 plan year (through July 31, 2017) or purchasing insurance coverage from the marketplace.

If your program begins before June 30, 2017: You will need go to our waiver site (available on June 1) to demonstrate that your current insurance meets Cornell’s requirements. Your program will be providing you with information about the waiver process, but if you have questions, please contact us.

NOTE: the information on this page applies to all Early Start / Pre-Orientation students, regardless of whether you plan to enroll in – or waive – the Student Health Plan (SHP) for the 2017-2018 plan term (coverage begins August 1, 2017).

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