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Referrals are not required by the Student Health Plan (SHP). You may see any health care provider you wish without first being referred by your primary care provider. 

Please keep in mind that:

  • Students on Cornell's Ithaca campus can get the most out of their plan by using Cornell Health for primary medical care and counseling whenever possible (usually a $10 visit copay; some visits have no charge). 
  • Some specialists require a referral from a primary care provider before seeing you. Your Cornell Health provider or a Cornell Health referrals nurse can help assist you with a referral: call during business hours at 607 255-5155. 

If you want – or need – to see a non-Cornell provider:

  • You will get the best coverage by using Aetna Participating Providers and Facilities. 
  • Typically, there is a $25 copay for medical office visits (tests and procedures will cost more), and a $10 copay for mental health office visits. 
  • Use Aetna's DocFind tool to find Participating Providers and Facilities in the Ithaca area (and elsewhere). Enter the requested information and the zip code for the area where you want to receive care, then select "Student Health Plans." (When you call to schedule an appointment, ask to make sure the provider is in-network with Aetna Student Health; DocFind is occasionally out of date.)
  • You may choose to use Non-Participating Providers and Facilities, but please review your coverage carefully before making this choice: typically you will have a $400 plan year deductible and then a 30% co-insurance.

Students outside of Ithaca: Learn more at Care Outside of Ithaca.


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