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Your SHP ID Card

You should keep your SHP ID card with you at all times. Many health care providers require that you present your insurance identification card before you can receive services.

Get your SHP ID card 

Print your card

Go to Aetna Student Health's Print Your ID Card page, and enter your Student ID number and date of birth.

NOTE: Please allow 5-7 days following your enrollment to access your ID card online.

... or order a card printed on durable card stock

Aetna Student Health is no longer issuing plastic cards, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. If you would like to order an ID card printed on durable card stock, please call Aetna Student Health Customer Service at 800 859-8475.

Need help?

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Aetna Student Health Customer Service at 800 859-8475, or Cornell's Office of Student Health Benefits.

Get your Worldwide Medical Assistance card

If you will be traveling outside of the U.S., you should carry your UnitedHealthcare Global ID card with you in case you need medical assistance or support. Print your card here, and learn more about SHP's worldwide travel assistance benefits here.

Contact Information

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