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Students Outside of Ithaca

All full-time registered Cornell students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan (SHP) each year, including those who are studying abroad, at Cornell Tech, at the NYS Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, and other locations outside of Ithaca.

Self-paying domestic students may apply to waive their enrollment if they have alternate insurance that meets Cornell’s requirements (learn more about who can waive). Non-Ithaca students who waive do not pay the Student Health Fee.

Students may also enroll in Cornell’s Dental Plan and Vision Plan, regardless of their insurance.    

Using SHP outside of Ithaca 

The Student Health Plan (SHP) is designed to provide high-quality health coverage for students (and their dependents) in Ithaca, outside of Ithaca, and anywhere in the world. 

Learn more on our Care Outside of Ithaca page, including how to find a physician that participates with SHP, and how to access worldwide medical assistance.

To facilitate getting care when you’re not on Cornell’s Ithaca campus, we encourage you to always carry a copy of your insurance card. Learn how to print your card.

Graduate students in Geneva

Most NYSAES students who are enrolled in SHP choose to get the majority of their health care needs met at Gannett Health Services on Cornell’s Ithaca campus. Students on SHP can access nearly all services at Gannett for a $10 visit copay, including in-house lab tests and x-rays at no additional charge.

NYSAES students who waive SHP can use Gannett’s services, but must Bursar-bill or pay for services in full at the time of care, and then submit reimbursements to their insurance plans.

   > Learn more about paying for care at Gannett

TRANSPORTATION: If you wish to be seen at Gannett, transportation between Geneva and Ithaca may be possible via the use of a car provided by the Station (NYSAES). Note that patient parking at Gannett is very limited, however, and you may have to park elsewhere on campus and walk or take the bus to Gannett. Visit an information booth when you get to campus (staffed Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 5:00 pm), and they can direct you to appropriate parking and assist you with any permits that might be required.

NOTE: Accessing primary care medical and counseling services at Gannett is not always an option for or the choice of enrolled students whose work takes them away from Ithaca, including those in Geneva. Relying on Aetna providers only, you may have more out-of-pocket expenses than students who can go to Gannett. Some students in Geneva have raised questions and concerns about this. Several University departments and committees are reviewing this complex issue. We will provide more information to Geneva students as more is understood about both the possibilities and limitations. 


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