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Gannett Health Services

Gannett Health Services, centrally located on Cornell's main campus in Ithaca, provides responsive, confidential, high-quality medical services; pharmacy services; counseling and psychological services; physical therapy; and health education services to all registered Cornell students. 

Gannett also facilitates access to urgent and emergency services and provides referrals to area specialty health care. Its high standard of service has been recognized by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.

Primary care services for all students

All students are encouraged to use Gannett for their primary medical and mental health care.

SHP members residing in the Ithaca area: Gannett is your primary care provider. Except in an emergency or for ob/gyn services, whenever you need health care, begin at Gannett to receive the maximum benefit for services.

Accessing care

Appointments are recommended to address most of your health care needs. However, urgent care and nurse visits are available during building hours and students can consult with a Gannett health care provider by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Emergency services in Ithaca are available from Cayuga Medical Center (CMC). If you need emergency medical care, consult by phone with a Gannett health care provider who can offer advice and, if needed, help arrange transportation to the hospital emergency room. In the event of your treatment or hospitalization at CMC Gannett and CMC will share relevant medical information as needed for the continuity of your care.

Fees at Gannett 

All full-time registered Cornell students can meet with a health care provider or counselor at Gannett, usually for a $10 visit charge. Fees may be paid at the time of service or charged to your bursar bill during the academic year. Gannett does not bill private health insurance companies directly but can provide a receipt for services that you submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  

The Student Health Plan and Health Fee cover many services at Gannett (including most X-rays, lab tests, and special procedures). Additional visit charges are paid by the SHP member. Please check the Gannett web site for more information about paying for health care at Gannett Health Services

Referrals and Care in Progress for SHP Members 

If your care cannot be provided at Gannett, your primary care provider there may refer you to a preferred provider. (To receive the maximum benefit for services, obtain a written referral to a preferred provider.)  

If you have just joined the SHP and are receiving care for a physical or mental health condition, please call Gannett to establish a relationship with a primary care clinician. If necessary, s/he can provide a referral to a preferred provider for specialty care.  

If you have been continuously enrolled in the SHP and are receiving care from a specialist who is a preferred provider, a new referral is helpful for each plan year (one for each condition) in order for ongoing treatment to be covered. Talk with your primary care provider. 

Contact Gannett

110 Ho Plaza
Ithaca, NY 14853-3101
Phone: 607 255-5155

Contact Information

Student Health Benefits
312 College Avenue, Suite A
Ithaca, NY 14850 [map]